The Story

To learn about Opificio Italia 1861 you have to take a trip. Although, perhaps, only one is not enough. This is the story of four visionary men, ambitious, passionate. It is a story that crosses the entire country and finds its most intimate and revolutionary soul a few miles from Rimini, where everything was born and where a director made of numbers, melodies, hints and challenges emerges.

You have to climb along a winding road, immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and then enjoy the beauty of the Valmarecchia hills. Facing San Marino’s face, perched and austere in its charm, the alchemical system of excellence is celebrated around the world, which is the arachnid germ of the idea of Massimo Maccianti, Vino & Design’s commercial director, who met Dick’s will, who is the owner Vino & Design, to make a pact in the name of tradition and the professionalism of Francesco Intorcia’s family, and finally find his sublimation in the encounter with Baldo Baldinini. Four men, four attitudes, four stories, one passion, one dream, a great ambition, a great challenge: to produce the Vermouth that rebuilds Italy.

Ambitious, drawing on their different experiences have drawn a project, is the result of a perfect alchemic incase.

The essence is conjured up and developed by Baldo Baldinini, the sinesthetic perfumer, which is immersed in his magic lair, in a laboratory that culminates tens of thousands of botanical and distilled champions on his hand-drawn pentagrams. His aromatic arrangements take life for keeping formulas and emotions. He did not dare to make music, but it is certified that the result is an unperfat tune in a balance that is the form and substance of unelected Vermut’s unique identities that tell a story about hundreds of years, the craftsmanship of the Intorcia family’s production in Sicily which is Piedmontese statacolonia in the production of precious wine. The recipe proposed by Opificio Italia 1861 is unique and is reported in a self-excerpted piece in the mind of Baldo Baldinini. Part of line Cuve excellence line with three products ready to fascinate the mixology market, the realm of tender bars. A White Vermouth, a Dry White and a Red. A selection that marks the unexpected path of arrival of regional proposals in September. A precise choice, aimed at the enhancement of the Italian wine-growing territories and with greater appeal on the international market.

Endured Ambitions. Massimo, Dick, Francesco and Baldo and their desire for a Vermouth all Italian that unites the Bel Paese in the sign of Italian overtradition on the rocks.